I offer personalized financial services, consulting and support. I help individuals and organizations ~ at various life stages, in all walks of life ~ face their challenges by preparing and engaging in specific financial goals, avoiding financial pitfalls, and repairing the impact of financial hardship.

I give clients knowledge by considering a variety of financial aspects that may - often unknowingly - be impacting them. I provide the tools (such as plans and budgets) and moral support they need to live sound and financially healthy lives. I aim to help them fulfill their financial goals.


I create and deliver an informative and engaging seminar series or workshop(s) for employees of small and large organizations or individual participants. The typical forum runs in a ninety-minute session that will assist participants understand a variety of personal finance subjects. Each workshop is comprised of a presentation that includes videos and examples. The series or workshop is tailored to the specific needs and approximate age group of the workshop audience or participant. As a part of each workshop, I offer a free personal financial coaching session (by appointment).


I educate and coach the client based on an evaluation of their current financial fitness, goals, and life stage. I discuss all areas impacting personal finance in order to outline a complete financial health picture for my clients. We can then determine areas of improvement by establishing a financial budget, as well as a long-term financial health plan.

Areas that are included in the evaluation and planning are: Budgeting; Checking Accounts; Savings Accounts; Retirement Savings; Debt Management and Consolidation; Equity Management; Expense Management; Trust, Will and Power of Attorney; Automobile(s); Additional Substantial Assets; Needs vs. Wants; Emergency Fund; Insurance; School and College Savings; Home Ownership and Mortgage; Taxation; Investments; Dreams and Goals; Unexpected Life Events; Dependent Care Needs.


Different life stages bring different financial challenges. Younger generations struggle with paying off student loans, building up their credit history and putting aside for retirement savings. For professionals with young families, buying a home, setting up college savings, building up emergency funds and maintaining proper insurances are at the forefront. For older professionals and retirees, stretching their retirement savings while being able to take trips and enjoy their golden years are important goals.

I offer the client personalized, ongoing, financial health coaching sessions and check-ins (as needed) to manage and monitor their financial situation. I help them make adjustments/improvements to ensure that they stay on track or accommodate any changes to their situation. My goal is to make the client become a budget expert, as self-sufficient as possible, to maintain their own financial freedom and obtain the goals they are striving towards.


I teach the importance of budgeting ~ I believe it is the backbone to financial health. I guide the client through the process of creating a budget, living by it, and making constant adjustments.

During this process, all income, expenses, and financial obligations are uncovered and discussed in detail. Areas for improvement and adjustment are identified. Unplanned urgent budget demands, such as a medical or vehicle emergency, are also addressed during the planning process. The client will leave this meeting equipped with a personalized budget tool to help them build and maintain their financial fitness.


I am a California certified Notary Public. I certify the signing of documents and loan paperwork. I offer mobile notary services and can meet you at a specified location. Fees are $15 per notary signature and travel mileage (based on mileage to and from client location).


Many of us go through financially tough patches and economic hardship at some point. Unforeseen expenses, unemployment, poor spending decisions and life events, as well as the impact of current economic conditions, affect our financial health, leaving us with an inability to reach our goals. The negative impacts can include poor credit scores, additional loans, foreclosure, credit card debt and bankruptcy.

I try to help the client avoid these situations whenever possible. But if any of these hardships should occur (or after they already have), the goal is to minimize the impact and repair the damages as quickly as possible. I am able to assist the client make economic adjustments for better debt management.